Hugh is qualified by the Association for Psychological Therapies as a MoodMaster Group Leader.

The MoodMaster group programmes are available to NHS Trusts, Community Groups, Corporate Organisations. All materials are supplied, you just provide the space.

MoodMaster programmes are CBT based, as recommended by NICE guidelines. They are also written in line with Compassion Focused thinking, and ACT.

Drive down waiting lists.


Provide patients with what they need and want.

The fact of the MoodMaster programmes being delivered to groups of up to 12 patients means incredible cost effectiveness. And patients love the mutual support the programmes provide.

Realise the full potential of your team.

Everybody wants to deliver their full potential, and MoodMaster programmes give them the tools to do it. When people can see they are doing a good job their morale automatically follows the same upward path.


MoodMaster sessions available


  • Depression (12 sessions) Cost £240.00 per person
  • Anxiety, Stress and Worry (12 sessions) Cost £240.00 per person
  • Irritability and Anger (12 sessions) Cost £240.00 per person
  • Emotional Control (12 sessions) Cost £240.00 per person
  • General Mental Robustness (28 sessions). Cost £560.00 per person

Programme leaders have superb quality materials available for group members.

Best practice consolidated by having built in evaluation

We hope that you will want to add to the MoodMaster story by delivering MoodMaster sessions to the benefit of your patients. We are convinced that MoodMaster Programmes cover the most important topics that people really should know about and that currently many people do not. We believe the potential benefit of delivering this material direct to patients is immense.

“I think it should be regarded as a basic foundation for all health services, but especially mental health services, that are interested in empowering their service users to be more proactive in taking care of their own feelings and promoting self-efficacy across the board. The title really says it all.” Dave Nash, Consultant Psychologist.