Training Courses:

Rewind Technique – this is a therapeutic technique to help deal with Trauma, phobias and anxieties.  It is a one day workshop and explores the original development of the technique from NLP and the variations by Dr David Muss and the Human Givens Institute.

OldPain2Go: This is a methodology developed by Steven Blake MBA.  The methodology works with the Unconscious Mind to remove Old Pain messages and to create balance in the body.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training.  As a registered and accredited trainer of NLP, Hugh offers the Practitioner training over a 7 day period.  NLP is Outcome Oriented and this course focuses on the Therapeutic use of NLP.  This course includes basic hypnosis and coaching.

Dave Elman Hypnosis Training:  This is a 6 day course, suitable for counsellors, therapists, psychologists etc.  You will be taught the complete way of working developed by Dave Elman, who worked mainly with Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Dentists and PSychologists.  Hugh is a Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute Accredited Trainer.

Starve The Monster – Based on the Best selling book of the same name and written by Hugh, you will learn the dynamics of working with Substance Misuse Issues.  This course will also guide you through the 5 Stage Process of Starve the Monster, leaving you better equipped to deal with substance Misuse Issues in your consulting room.

Foundation Skills in Mindfulness:  this is a one day course introducing the use of Mindfulness in the therapeutic setting.  you will learn the basic premises of Mindfulness and be able to develop a Mindfulness practice.